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Gas Suppression Systems

Eton Fire Ltd offer complete design, installation, testing and commissioning of Gas Extinguishing systems in accordance with the current standards.

British & European Standards: BSEN 15004 1 - 10 Gas Extinguishing Systems

Eton Fire is an LPS 1204 approved company and offer a complete range of Gas Extinguishing systems and all subsidiary components. Typically our systems are used in IT, Data and Comms rooms or areas where there are concerns about the risk of water damage. Generally our mechanical and electrical release installations are installed to the above British Standards and are in accordance with our manufacturer's requirements. Inert (IG-55, IG-541) and synthetic (HFC) extinguishing agents are the most environmentally friendly gases available on the market today.

Inert and synthetic gases reduce the oxygen concentration in a risk to a level below the threshold where combustion can be supported and are able to be used in occupied spaces subject to design calculation.

Gas extinguishing systems normally require pressure relief venting to safeguard room construction.

As part of our product range, we offer a complete CO2 package. CO2 systems provide excellent cost-effective solutions for normally unoccupied areas such as switchrooms and printing machinery areas. These systems are reliable and inexpensive to recharge after activation.

Gas Tank for Fire Suppresion
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