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Specialist Concept Systems

At Eton Fire Ltd we consider ourselves to be one of the industry’s most innovative fire engineering companies. Although our business was built on mainstream fire protection, we are continuously developing our product range to ensure that our customers are offered the most effective products to suit their individual requirements. As part of our portfolio, we offer several specialist products, including:

Hypoxic air fire suppression is an active fire protection measure that reduces and maintains the oxygen levels within an area to a 13% concentration (typical). Although hypoxic air is safe to breathe for most people, it prevents fire ignition in many materials. Hypoxic fire suppression is typically used in high value areas where clients are concerned about water or gas discharge. Eton Fire Ltd offer a complete design, installation, testing and commissioning service.

Kitchen Hood Fire Suppression Eton Fire Ltd offers a complete design, installation, testing and commissioning service under manufacturer’s license. We can protect all kitchen canopy equipment using the latest approved technology by means of high pressure water mist or chemical agent systems.

Aspirating Smoke Detection Systems work by drawing air continually from the protected area into a pipe network and transporting it to a detector unit. Laser technology detects any smoke and measures it against alert and alarm thresholds programmed into a fire control panel. The system is typically used in computer rooms, telecommunications areas, hospitals, and clean rooms. Eton Fire Ltd offers a complete design, installation, testing and commissioning service.

Rainwater Harvesting for fire protection applications is regarded as a sustainable process that reduces the use of fire water mains. As part of our design initiatives we can explore the use of rainwater harvesting for your property and help to reduce the demands on the fire mains infrastructure. Recycled water initiatives are popular concepts with local authorities and can add value to planning applications. Eton Fire Ltd is committed to sustainable products and the changing face of fire protection.

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