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Water Mist Systems

Eton Fire Ltd offer a complete service incorporating the design, installation, testing and commissioning of high & low pressure water mist systems in accordance with the current standards:

British & European Standards: DD 8458 Residential and Domestic Water Mist Systems
DD 8489 Industrial and Commercial Water Mist Systems
PrEN: 14972 Water Mist Systems Design and Installation
American Standards: NFPA 750 incorporating NFPA 13 or FM Global Standards

Water mist systems are an alternative concept to traditional sprinkler systems. In principle the systems are constructed using similar methods to standard fire sprinklers but carry additional benefits.

  • Smaller water supplies which reduces the environmental impact on water usage
  • Smaller components resulting in overall space saving for co-ordination, construction methods and developers
  • Minimal water damage and reduced smoke damage upon activation resulting in lower repair costs and operating downtime

These systems are designed to provide immediate fire defence to protect lives and minimise material losses.


Typically, the system activates when the nozzle head detects heat emitted from a fire. A nozzle opens to release a fine spray of water (mist) when the heat-sensitive element reaches a specific temperature. The resulting drop in system pressure will ensure that the fire pump will operate providing the appropriate design flow and pressure through the system and discharge to control or extinguish the fire. Low pressure mist systems are designed to a maximum operating pressure of 12.1 bar whereas high pressure water mist systems are designed to operate to a maximum of 200 bar. Our systems can be designed to suit any risk or application across all industry sectors. Our special projects division offer all major manufacturer brands under licence and will only install approved water mist products.

We offer the following systems backed up by dedicated water supplies:

  • Wet Type
  • Dry Type
  • Pre-action
  • Open Deluge

All our systems are designed in-house and calculated to meet with the specific risk criteria.

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